Specialty lines
Advanced notice required – please contact your Sales Rep

  • Croutons (herb & garlic, lightly salted, cheese & bacon)
  • Petite vegetables & Pre-cut Micro Herbs Punnets
  • Edible Flowers (limited stock)
  • Black Garlic Cloves (punnet) & Smoked Garlic Whole
  • Variety of Local Micro Herbs/Mighty Mix, Banana leaves
  • Quail and Duck Eggs
  • Samphire & Sugar Cane
  • Walnuts, Chestnuts have started
  • Queensland Finger Limes, Beach Banana, Sea Spray are inconsistent


  • No local strawberries available, only S.A. This has pushed prices up
  • Rocket is very short, both local and imported. Wet weather
    causing problems.
  • Royal Blue potatoes are small. Please order “Sopranos” for chipping and “Laura or Dutch Cream” for mashing
  • National shortage of Swiss Brown, Field and Field Portobello mushrooms, pushing price up

Fresh Arrival:
Hass Avocados

Coming Soon:
Kumquats, Fuji Apples

Consistent Supply:
Pineapples, Coconuts (hard & fresh), Paw Paw (green & ripe), Strawberries, Fresh Dates, Quince, Persimmon (soft & hard), Honeydew melon, Rockmelon, Seedless Watermelon, Bananas, Kiwifruit, Pommegranate, Oranges (navel, valencia/juicing) Mandarins, Grapefruit, Lemons, Limes, Pears (packham, bosc, nashi, corella, red sensation, bartlett, juicing), Apples (pink lady, granny smith, Johnathon, royal gala, red/golden delicious, juicing), Local Seedless Grapes (white, red, black), Passionfruit (fresh & jars) Guava, Feijoa, Tamarillos, Shepard avocados. Raspberries, Seedless Mandarin

Short Supply:
Longans, Starfruit, Plums, Tangelos, Dragonfruit, Pomellos

Out of Season:
Blackberries, Lychees, Champagne Melon, Custard Apple, Figs, Peaches, Nectarines, Kiwiberries, Blueberries

Fresh Arrival:
Baby Purple Kale (bunch)
Coming Soon:
Purple Brussel Sprouts, Jerusalem Artichoke-coming Sunday, Baby Tuscan cabbage
Consistent Supply:
Capsicum (green, red, orange, yellow), Paprika (yellow, red), Fresh Turmeric, Chilli (habanero, ghost, jalapenos, birdseye), Tomatoes (truss, cherry truss, kumato-large & small, heirloom, grape, cherry, roma, cooking), Local Heirloom Tomatoes, Local Medley Tomatoes, Shallots (brown, hand peeled), Fresh Salad Onions (red, white) Onions (red, brown white, peeled), Ginger, Chinese Radish, Celeriac, Eggplant (baby, heirloom) Baby Courgettes, Qukes, Burpless Cucumbers (burpless, green, Lebanese), Zucchini, Zucchini Flower, Asparagus, Broccolini, Broccolli, Kai-lan, Bok/Pak Choy, Brussel Sprouts, Cauliflower, Squash (gem, spaghetti, yellow), Sweet Corn, Baby Corn, Beans (stringless, flat, butter), (sugar snap, snow), Potatoes (kipfler, Laura, royal blue-chats, nadine-chats, dutch cream), Sweet Potatoes (blue Hawaiian, yellow, red), Pumpkin (Japanese, butternut, grey, peeled), Cabbage (tuscan, green, red, chinese, savoy), Carrots, (orange, purple, baby), Beetroots (golden, baby), Rhubarb, Daikon, Celery, Leeks, Bean Shoots, Okra, Aniseed (baby), Kohlrabi, Horse Radish
Loose lettuce (roquette, mesulin, asian, baby spinach, mizuna, swiss chard, tat soi, baby cos, baby kale, red mustard leaf)
Lettuce heads (red/green festival and coral, cos, iceberg, radicchio, endive, frize’, yellow and red whitlof, buttercrunch)
Mushrooms Button, Field, Portabella, Swiss Brown, Enoki, Shimeji, Shitake, King Oyster, Baby King Oyster, Champignon, Oyster
Short Supply:
Heirloom Eggplant, Candy Baby Beetroot, Watermelon Radish, Baby Marrow, Beans (yellow, runner, borlotti, snake, yam), Chervil, Tiger Tomatoes, Apple Cucumber, Taro, Kale, Banana Flowers, Imported Roquette and Baby Spinach, Loose Dill, Sweet Mini Capsicum (local), Vietnamese Mint, Gem Squash, Iceberg
Out of Season:
Yellow Zuchini, Kiwano Horned Melon, Green baby kale
For more enquiries & new product lines contact your Sales Rep.