Learn why we’re the first choice for grocers, restaurants, and families in the Great Southern

Chickens lay best when they’re healthy and happy

At Albany Farm Fresh Eggs, we provide sustainable, free-range eggs to restaurants, grocers, cafes, and families around the Great Southern and beyond

Healthy, happy chooks

Each flock calls their patch home for about 60 weeks. After that, we disinfect the sheds and move them to a different part of our 108-hectare farm. The freedom to move and the clean environment makes our chooks feel great. That’s why they lay thousands of eggs each day.

Cracking benefits

Virgin ground: Moving our sheds means that our chooks don’t pick up germs from previous flocks

No chemicals: Our chooks don’t get lice or mites

Better hygiene: Access to dust and clean conditions mean our birds stay healthy and happy

No antibiotics: Our high hygiene standards mean our birds stay healthy, naturally