“We are confident in our network of suppliers and orchard facilities that we believe we can offer the best fruit and vegetables all year round!”

Our Vegetable Market

We are strategically positioned next to the Canning Vale markets. Allowing us greater control over the managing of our fruit and vegetables and maintaining strong relationships with key partners. Our sales staff make the effort to head to the markets and help cultivate our relationships.


Our dedication and experience has allowed us many opportunities within the industry. We have developed a great deal of professional relationships and therefore have extended our horizons through these relationships and we now also have investments in market gardens and orchards.

Fresh Vegetables Market

Our knowledge and passion for quality and food allows us to work with the customer to design a menu that showcases what fruit and vegetables are in season and well-priced. Our extensive knowledge and business relationships within the industry allow us to obtain exotic, diverse and rare fresh produce. This provides your customers with the freshest and highest quality produce and therefore an unforgettable dining experience.