Our People

A team with over 70 years buying experience in the fresh produce industry.

At Pezzano, our team is made from a group of hand-picked individuals, sharing a focus on quality, service and fresh produce. Each individual works closely with our clients to ensure they get the best service and produce to match. At Pezzano, our passion is to see your business flourish.

Sales & Account Manager

Jeremy Johnson
Account Manager & Sales

Jeremy brings with him vast experience in the food and hospitality industry. With over 30years of experience working with many high profile restaurants, hotels and convention centres, Jeremy is well-versed within the culinary environment.

Always looking to add value to his clients’ business, Jeremy looks for every opportunity to provide quality service and fresh produce.


Serena Bonsignore
Sales & Customer Service

Serena is our go-to-person whenever there’s a solution required. Working closely with our account managers, Serena has a keen grasp on the fresh produce industry and is also looking to extend her sales skills to work on new accounts.

She’s the one who will ensure your orders are on track, and the first to let you know what specials are on the menu for next week! Just be sure you place your order in time, otherwise she’ll be sure to give you a gentle nudge, next time she sees you!

Account Manager and Sales

Bellinda Panizza
Account Manager & Sales

Bellinda is in charge of key accounts and looks after a range of restaurants, cafes and hotels. Her growing knowledge of the fresh produce industry is ensuring strong customer relations and focus in supplying fresh produce.

Bellinda’s background in the arts adds to her creative flair and style in managing our client’s needs.

Account Manager & Sales

Juliana Alvim
Account Manager & Sales

Juliana hails all the way from South America and is a key account manager to a range of restaurant, cafes and bars. She has a keen grasp on the fresh produce industry with a personality to ensure your account is well-managed.

Working closely with Pezzano’s warehouse staff, Juliana puts here own accent on the quality of service provided to her clients.