What a bumper month it’s been, with many crops yeilding better than average results. Nearly all of our orchards have reached full harvest and providing an abundant supply!

Royal Blue
Large royal blue potatoes are shortening up!

Avocadoes have season ending in 2 weeks (limited supply). Sheperd avocados back in price full supply.

Red Capsicum
Red capsicum are tightening up as South Australia is also supplying the East coast and local red caps are still in limited supply.

Nectarines and Peaches
This will be the last week as all stores fruit after this point may cut black.

Cold Weather Causing Slow Growth
Due to change in weather (cold) all leaf lines will take longer to grow and seasonal fruit fruit will take longer to blush and ripen.

Full moon Rising!
Full moon expected for the weekend – meaning tomatoes will come on fast (ripen quickly).

Toffee Apples
New season toffee apples are now available!

Pezzano Chef’s Box
Our helpful reps will send you your chef’s box which will keep you up to date with all our exotic range which are now in season.

Until next week, keep an eye out on our specials coming your way soon!