This week’s UPDATE!

Harsh winter conditions are affecting some of our lines this week and is making it a challenge to source produce consistently.
Some of the affected lines include:

– Local Rocket : Melb 1.5kg box available (Please mark on order)
– Imported Micro Herbs and Flowers
– Medley tomato, Coloured tomato
– Queensland Limes (Snow blankets Fruit region)

Short Supply
Pommegranate (N/A)
Figs (N/A)

What’s on offer
Kiwi Gold, Persimmon, Lychees, Star Fruit, Jack Fruit, Custard Apples, Mangosteen, Sevil Oranges, Borlotti Beans, Sweet Rosey Red Oranges, Seville Oranges, Sour Plum, Kara Kara (Local Blood Orange).

Artichokes (Green & Red), Chestnuts, Red Shallots, Bonita Sweet potato, Broad Beans, Banana Shallots, Banana Leaves, Thai Eggplant, Runner beans, Snake beans, Chokoes, White Salad Onions, Baby Medley Capsicums, Paprika, Baby Fennel, Angelino Egg Plant, Baby Leeks, Borlotti Beans, YL Squash, Crook Neck Squash, Purple Yam, Rainbow Silverbeet, Pumpkin Golden Nugget (Yellow/Large).

For more enquiries and up-to-date news contact your sales representative.