This week’s update!

Avocadoes tightening – QLD supplying the whole of Australia.
Royal Blues small in size due to cold weather, heavy rain also causing water content and sugar to be higher.
Eggplant still in short supply for another week.
Herbs growing slow with cold weather.
Red & Green seedless, Plums and Nectarines from California now available.
Persimmons end of line, awaiting NZ fruit to come in.

Short Supply

Red Globe (end of season), Golden Delicious, , Tarragon (still scarce), Champagne Melon, Sunflowers Sprouts (not available).

What’s on offer

Starfruit, Banana Leaves, Jack Fruit, Globe Artichokes (Green & Purple), Thai Eggplant. Garlic Shoots, Chokos, White Salad Onions, Heirloom Baby Capsicums, Snowpea Tips, Paprika (Green & Red), Baby Fennel, Baby Leeks, Chestnuts, Baby Turnips, Banana Shalots (Red), Red Shalots, Smoked Garlic, Cipollini.