Please note the end of line for some products and ensure advance notice is given. Here’s this week’s forecast:

  • Black Garlic Cloves (punnet)
  • Black Garlic Whole (packet)
  • Thai Eggplant Chilli (New Product) available
  • Petite vegetables and micro herbs from Eastern
  • States coming soon
  • Variety of Local Micro Herbs/Mighty Mix
  • White Asparagus Short season so take advantage! –
  • Advance notice for larger quantities.
  • South West Torbay (thick-stemmed) & Aus Asparagus.
  • Heirloom Tomatoes – Exciting, Seeds being sown and new varieties coming in summer!
  • Cage/Free Range Eggs and Quail Eggs available.
  • Limes prices rising – due to short supply.
  • Imported loose leaf – inconsistent supplies.
  • Imported Micro Herbs and Flowers advance notice required.

Watermelon radish – easing out.
Golden bunch beetroot, easing in more consistent.
Rainbow carrots (due Dec). Caused by disease in crop.
Meantime supply of purple (loose) and orange baby carrots and traditional radish available.

Maris Piper potatoes now available, large in size. Ideal for chipping and roasting. Fresh Sugar Cane Available – Advance notice required.

Roma Beef Tomatoes (intermittent), Ox Hearts tomatoes, Dutch Creams (N/A – Available late Dec) Rockmelon, Honeydew Blood Oranges, Apricots, Loquats, Borlotti Beans, Nectarins.

Baby Leeks, Apricots, Cherries

Kiwi Gold, Star Fruit, Dragontail Radish, Butterbeans, Dragon Fruit, Banana Shallots, Golden Beetroot (loose), Figs, Quinces, Purple Brussel Sprouts


Valencia, Navel & Juicing Oranges, Star Apple, Longan, Local Mangoes, Sweet Gold Pineapple, Packham Pears, Nashi Pears, Bosc Pears, Mulberries, Raspberries, Blueberries, Strawberries, Pomegranate, Paw Paw (Ripe & Green), Rockmelon, Local Peaches, Local Plums, Tangelos, Pink/White Grapefruit, Local Mandarins, Juicing Pears.

Alfa Broccoli, Crunchy Combo, Mung Beans, Fresh Peas, Baby Aniseed, White Salad Onions, Horse Radish, Local Asparagus, Soup Asparagus, White Asparagus, GEM Squash, Broad Beans, OKRA, Celeriac, Jerusalem Artichokes, Globe Artichokes (Green & Purple), Kale (Green & Purples), Banana Leaves, Paprika, Chokoes, Kipfler Potatoes, Cipollini Onions, Tumeric, Yellow Squash, Red Shallots, Local Taro, Plantaine, Baby Courgettes, Rainbow Silverbeet, Zucchini Flowers, Kohlrabi, Stringless Beans, Runner Beans, Snake Beans, Angelino Eggplant, Baby Eggplant, Fresh Salad Onions, Baby Carrots (orange & purple), Witlof (yellow & red), Baby Marrow, Cherry Truss (red, yellow & roma), Yellow Zucchini

SPECIALTY (Advance notice required):
Heirloom Baby Capsicum, Qukes, Baby Purple & Green Kale (Kg), Baby Tusan Cabbage (Kg), Petite Vegetables. Variety of Local Micro Herbs Pots

For more enquiries and new product lines contact your sales representative.
Subject to supply and season availability.