– Limes prices high driven by harsh winter conditions.
– Butternuts short supply, SW supply finished, New Season Kununurra supplying whole of AUS forcing prices up.
– Local Rocket still affected : Melb 1.5kg box available (Please mark on order)
– Imported Micro Herbs and Flowers still difficult to source, looking at potential new supplier.


Pomegranate (N/A) Some Pomegranate kernels in punnets available. Grower will be out of watermelon radish (due mid Sept) and rainbow carrots (due Dec). Caused by disease in crop. Meantime supply of purple (loose) and orange baby carrots and traditional radish available.

Bunch golden beetroot N/A for 5 weeks, but can be replaced with loose Golden beetroot.

Marris Piper potatoes now available, large in size. Ideal for chipping and roasting.

Mushrooms (N/A) Mushrooms Exchange, WA’s largest farm, produce over 90% of WA’s supply, finding delays with mushrooms maturing. They’ve changed compost and believe this can alleviate the problem. Quinces (N/A)


Kiwi Gold, Persimmons, Lychees, Starfruit, Jackfruit whole, Custard apples, Authentic Blood Oranges, Seville Oranges, Sour Plums, Mangosteen, Chutney Green Mangoes, Plantains.


Globe artichokes, Jerusalem artichokes, Chestnut, Banana Shallot, Red

Shallot, Fresh banana leaves, Thai Eggplant, Runner beans, Snake Beans,

Broad Beans (inconsistency in supply) Borlotti Beans, Chokoes, White Salad

Onions, Baby Medley Capsicum, Paprika, Baby Fennel, Gem Squash, Purple Yam, Baby Leeks, Angelo Eggplant, Zucchini Flower (Available throughout the year with advance notice) Kohlrabi, Okra, Purple Brussels Sports.

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