This week’s forecast, lots going on with a shift in weather. Customers please note Markets are actually closed on Saturday.


  • Australian Asparagus – South West Torbay. Thick-stemmed.
  • Fresh Local Peas (intermittent)
  • Purple Garlic
  • Heirloom Tomatoes – Exciting, Seeds being sown and new varieties coming in summer!
  • Purple Brusel Sprouts available!
  • Ripe Mangoes Available
  • Cage/Free Range Eggs and Quail Eggs available.
  • Limes prices coming down, due to more consistent supplies.
  • Local Rocket and Spinach still affected.
    Imported loose leaf – inconsistent supplies.
  • Imported Micro Herbs and Flowers easing out, due to a good shift in weather conditions. Chef’s – Speak to your Sales Rep to order in advance or place standing order.

Watermelon radish and Golden bunch beetroot, easing in.

Rainbow carrots (due Dec). Caused by disease in crop. Meantime supply of purple (loose) and orange baby carrots and traditional radish available.

Golden beetroot bunch starting to come through. Loose Golden beetroot still a good alternative.

Dutch Creams and Maris Piper potatoes now available, large in size. Ideal for chipping and roasting.
Fresh Sugar Cane Available – Advance notice required.
Pomegranate (USA) now available. Pomegranate kernels in punnets available (intermittently).

Medley Tomatoes shortage. Beef Tomatoes (N/A) Ox Hearts tomatoes intermittently.
Quinces (N/A)
Yellow Zucchini intermittent
Butterbeans and Broadbeans shortage. (No supply atm)
Yellow squash intermittent.
Baby Fennel Season finished.

Kiwi Gold (coming to end), Persimmons, Starfruit, Jackfruit whole, Custard apples, Blood Orange, Sour Plums, Pomegranate (USA), Pomegranate Kernels, Nashi Pears, Red Pears, Longans, Raspberries, Blueberries, BOSC Pears, Paw Paw (Green & Ripe), Red and white seedless grapes (USA), Pink Grapefruit.

Local Globe Artichokes, Jerusalem Artichokes, Red Shallots, Banana Shallots, Thai Eggplant, Tarot, Bitter Melon, Spaghetti Vegetables, Angelo Eggplant, Chokoes, Flat Beans, Runner Beans, Snake Beans, Paprika, Okra, Baby Leeks, Borlotti Beans, Rainbow Silverbeet, Plantain, Golden Beetroot, Purple Carrot (bunch) Celeriac, Local Walnuts, Daikon (Chinese Radish), Kohlrabi, Baby Carrots, Baby Beetroot, Horseradish, Gem Squash, White Salad Onion.

SPECIALTY (Check with your Sales Rep):
Dragon Tail Radish. Heirloom Baby Capsicum, Baby Purple Kale (Kg), Baby Tusan Cabbage (Kg), Petite Vegetables.

Look out for New Product lines coming soon!
For more enquiries and up-to-date news contact your sales representative.