Royal Blue Potatoes The supply situation on Blue potatoes has become critical with grower still trying to recover from the very wet winter, large potatoes are almost nonexistence with most growers supplying only med to small into merchants. Prices have increased considerably in the last three weeks with no real relief expected until mid to late October. Please keep this in mind when setting your spring menus.

Asparagus While we are now using some Eastern states Asparagus, the supply on the local season has improved with Torbay Asparagus now available. The texture and flavour of this Asparagus is some of the best in Australia, and with price expected to decrease further as more growers come on line, now is the time to include this on your spring menu.

Artichokes Local Artichokes are in good supply and well-priced so for those of you who have tried these you will know nothing beats the locally grown Artichokes.

Beets Nothing beats the vibrant colours of our grower direct spring baby Beetroots with Golden, Bullseye and Bulls blood now in good supply. You may order these with confidence, again another great line to add into your spring menu.

Cauliflowers Supply on Yellow, Purple, and Romanesco Caulies grown exclusively by our own local grower, who has guaranteed supply up until December on all these lines. Only the purple will be available after December as the hot weather takes its toll on the other lines. These looks fantastic when plated up and really add that wow factor to any plate.

Apples With the approach of summer the W.A supply of Apples always takes a hit, with better than expected sales over winter, supply will this year be low. With no respite expected before we get into our new season fruit in March next year. Supply is not keeping up with demand and prices on all Apples will continue to rise over the coming months. Our only saving grace here is we are expecting a bumper local stone fruit season even if it will be a little late starting due to the cooler start to spring.

Mushrooms Demand for Mushrooms Australia wide has seen prices continue to remain high over the last few months. We are hoping that once growers get warmer conditions supply will pick up and prices will decrease. We will keep you all updated on this situation, as we do understand this line makes up a large proportion of your food costings on fruit & veg spend.


Spaghetti Squash, Kumato Tomato, Local Asparagus, Fresh Broad Beans, Brolotti Beans, Kalettes, Purple Brussel Sprouts, Salt Bush, Karkalla, Ice Plant, Pig Face, Tangelos, Blood Oranges and Ripe Mangoes. (Please contact your sales representative for pre-order).


Field Mushrooms, Second Mushrooms, Green/Red Coral Lettuce, Butter Beans, Flat Beans, Fresh Peas, Ox Heart Tomatoes, Curry Leaves and Hawaiian Sweet Potato.


Pomegranates, Red Kiwi, Tamarillos, Purple Kale, Corn Shoots, Quinces, Purple Congo Potatoes, Blackberries and Mulberries.

For more enquiries & new product lines contact your Sales Rep.

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