Lemons are still very expensive, and in short supply, with quality only average. Victorian and Local Asparagus seasons have now finished. This leaves us no alternative but to use imported Asparagus, please keep this in mind when ordering. Strawberry supply and quality have started to drop off and prices will increase until our local fruit starts in about a month. White Chat Potatoes are in very short supply, a great substitute are the chat red potatoes.

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Artichokes, Jerusalem Artichokes, Runner Beans,Blood Oranges, Romanesco, Feijoas.


Lemons, Mushrooms, Strawberries, Sugar Snaps, Apples, Pears, Chervil, Asparagus


Cherries, Grapes Red & White, Valencia Oranges, Mangoes, Coloured Carrots, Corn, Spigarello Kentucky Beans, Dragon Fruit

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LEMONS: Local fruit is in very short supply, and very expensive. We are getting small amounts of imported Lemons but still not enough to meet demands.

GRAPES: Our local Grapes have really started to pick up in supply with the warmer weather we will see an abundance of good quality Red & White Grapes on the market.

APPLES/ PEARS: ith the approach of summer the W.A supply of Apples/Pears always takes a hit, with better than expected sales over winter, supply will this year be low. with no respite expected before we get into our new season fruit in March next year. Supply is not keeping up with demand and prices on all both will continue to rise.

MUSHROOMS: Supply on Buttons and Cups have jumped in price again as supply shortens up. Fields & Portobellos are still in short supply and expensive, but this should change in the next few weeks.

ASPARAGUS: Our local & Victorian season has now come to an end, with only Imported Asparagus now available. While the quality is still good, it is more expensive due to demand, and freight costs..

STRAWBERRIES: Our local/Southwest season will start to wind down as we head into Jan, the quality will drop away for a few weeks but will pick up again late Jan. We do have S/Aust fruit available but they are expensive.

BANANAS/PINEAPPLES: The recent weather conditions in far North Queensland have had an impact on supply of both these lines into W.A 100% of all our Pineapples and 90% of all our Bananas come from Queensland. This will affect price and quality over the next few weeks.

POTATOES/ONIONS: While we head into summer supply will drop off on Royal Blues please keep this in mind when ordering. White chats are also in short supply but we do have Red Chats available.

AVOCADOS: It has been a crazy year for Avocado growers with the demand throughout Australia well outstripping supply. This has had a dramatic effect on prices over the last few months. While we have had a flush of fruit over the last few weeks.

MELONS: Watermelon supply is still good, but demand has pushed up price. While our market price on this line is controlled by demand from the Eastern states pricing will fluctuate over the month while quality should remain good.

STONEFRUIT: With the warmer weather, we will start to see more and more of our local stone fruit hit the market, prices will come down as supply improves, with this year’s crop predicted to be a good season.

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