The warmer weather has had an effect on some of our lines such as Celery, Caulies, Corn, and Asian Veg. We are also expecting other shortage next week due to Chinese New Year celebrations as grower take time off to Celebrate the year of the Pig. The Pink Lady apple season has come to an end, we will be switching to new season Galas next week, while we won’t see much respite in price just yet, over the next few weeks there will be. Juicing Granny Smith Apples will be in short supply and very expensive for the next 4 weeks until the new season Granny Smiths starts. Certain Herbs currently are in short supply due to the warmer weather. Bananas and Pineapple supply is also likely to be affected by the recent floods in North Queensland. Due to road closures trucks are experiencing problems getting in and out of the are

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Artichokes, Jerusalem Artichokes, Blood Oranges, Romanesco, Baby Fennel Pink Lady Apples


Lemons, Field Mushrooms, Strawberries, Juicing Apples, Pears, Dill, Caulies, Celery, Corn, Bananas, Pineapples.


Grapes Red & White, Valencia Oranges, Mangoes, New Season Gala Apples, Figs

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LEMONS: LEMONS: Local fruit is in very short supply, and very expensive. We are getting imported Lemons out of Egypt but still not enough to meet demands. 2nd grade Lemons will also be very hard to get.

GRAPES: Our local Grapes have really started to pick up in supply. With the warmer weather we will see an abundance of good quality Red & White Grapes on the market.

APPLES/ PEARS: With the start of the New season Gala apples, we will see the Pink Lady season finish. As we get further into February supply will improve on both Apples and Pears which will see prices drop on both.

POTATOES: We are starting to se some of the summer varieties hit the market, always a good time to check out the different types available. Salad Rose, Kipflers, and Purple congos are very popular and in good supply. Remember also varieties such as Royal Blues and Nadine don’t like the hot summer condition and tend to sprout very quickly after washing and packing

STRAWBERRIES: Supply on this line is still very short with most of our fruit coming out of South Australia at present. This has seen a considerable jump in price for all Strawberries.

CAPSICUM: Our local season has yet to get into full swing and we are having to import Capsicum from South Aust to fill our customers demand. Prices will rise especially on Red and Yellow Capsicum.

HERBS: The recent hot weather conditions always affects herb supply on several soft lines. Herbs such as Chervil, Dill and Fennel tend to be hit the hardest. Supply on these lines maybe sporadic.

CELERY: Growers are in between crops at the moment with not a lot of Celery in the market place. Prices have jumped considerably in the last week. We expect a return to full supply within the next two weeks.

AVOCADOS: The Hass Avocados season is coming to an end, and we will start to see the Shepard variety coming into the market. While Hass will still be available the Shepard’s will be much better value for money.

MELONS: Local Rock melons and Honeydew are in good supply and are at the peak during the warmer months, prices remain reasonable. A great time to add these to your summer menu. Watermelon demand is very high, and prices have risen due to Eastern state drawing Melons out of W.A

STONEFRUIT: An abundance of good quality, well priced local stone fruit is available now. This along with some imported fruit out of New Zealand makes it a great time to buy.

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